Our Work


Consultant Services
Trauma Informed Care Academy
Orphan Education Program
Foster Youth Education Services

Consultant Services:

We provide Senior Consultants to provide desired consultant services in the following areas: Leadership Training and Development,  Organization Change and Development,  Professional Development, Capacity Building, Managing for Improved Performance, Human Resources, and more. Let’s us know how we can help you.

Trauma Informed Training Academy

Our team of Trauma Informed Care experts can provide training, write curriculum, and train teams to provide trauma informed services to your clients.

Orphan Education Program:

We partner with orphanages worldwide to provide sustainable education services.  We currently work in Ethiopia,  Haiti, South Africa, and Uganda.

Foster Youth Education Services

We serve as education right holders for foster youth. Provide trainings to schools and parents on the current education legislation for foster youth.

Our goal is to educate 100,000 vulnerable or orphaned children and adults in impoverished communities by 2024.

Administrators/Board Members
Impoverished Adults / Impoverished Community Members